Big F1 news…

Quite suprisingly Donington Park is to host the British GP from 2010 – more here. I never guessed the speculation would actually turn into a reality.

And on the same day, Bernie also announced he’s gonna stop badgering Melbourne to host a night race for a few years which should be music to Pete’s ears!

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OCX wrappers for .Net – The joy of AxInterop

Another strange one that we’ve just come across which seems to have no useful online help about is why certain Property definitions are marked as ReadOnly when you drop an OCX into .Net…

Read the full OCX wrappers for .Net – The joy of AxInterop entry on

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Max stays…

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Miss Bedfordshire

Chas Spradbery Photo Shoot for Miss Bedfordshire 2008For those that don’t know, I recently had the honour/pleasure/daunting task of being a judge at the Miss Bedfordshire regional heat of this year’s Miss England competition. It was great fun apart from the mad rush of trying to score the contestants in up to 5 different categories at a time during the 30-40 seconds that they walked up on stage, posed, and walked off again! For those eagle eyed readers, you may even spot this judge sporting a healthy pint of Guinness!

Congratulations to Hayley Sams who won the title of Miss Bedfordshire 2008. The photos are starting to come in now, with shoots by Chas Spradbery and Joshua Cornejo.

For all the follow up articles and pictures, keep an eye on the Miss Beds website!

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Bruce Willis to play Murray Walker?!

Marray / SchumacherI had to check the date on this one, but apparently it’s been confirmed and everything! If the Secret Diary of Michael Schumacher is anything to go by, we could be in for a very cringeworthy movie!

A movie about German racing legend Michael Schumacher is to be produced, with veteran commentator Murray Walker set to be played by none other than Hollywood hard man… Bruce Willis.

The film will be made by a Hollywood producer, and will chart Schumacher’s rise all the way up to the pinnacle of the sport, a career that saw him amass no fewer than 91 grand prix victories, a staggering 154 rostrum finishes and a record seven world championship crowns.

The news – initially revealed in Bunte magazine – has been confirmed in Barcelona this weekend by the 39-year-old’s long-time manager Willi Weber, who added that the man from Kerpen is to play himself in the flick.

Perhaps even more surprising still, however, is the revelation that Weber has lined up Die Hard star Willis to play the role of Walker, who commentated on every one of Schumacher’s successes.

“A Hollywood producer is interested,” the Daily Star quotes Weber as having said, “and the film would be called The Michael Schumacher Story, with him as the main actor. Bruce Willis would certainly do Murray justice.”

Walker was warmly referred to as ‘The Voice of Formula 1′ during the half century he commentated on the sport for both the BBC and ITV, and his character is expected to narrate the film, in addition to appearing in a number of scenes with Schumacher.

“If you pop a pair of glasses on Bruce, the similarity to a younger Murray Walker is amazing,” an insider said, adding that the 53-year-old action hero would make ‘a very convincing’ Walker. “Bruce is a huge F1 fan and insists the sport hasn’t been the same since Murray retired in 2001.”

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BBC Internet Blog

My Friday afternoon has just been made great – just spotted the BBC’s Internet Blog using the Owl logo that took minutes to load from tape before making comedy beeping noises in the good ol’ BBC Model B days. 8-|

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Just spotted MySong (includes video and demonstration results). Looks like a fun app to have a play with if it gets released.

Pretty good results with the basic piano backing track as long as the artist sings in time with the click track!

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