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The Observer pushes recording industry propoganda

During a quiet Sunday afternoon rest a couple of weeks ago I flicked through my dad’s Observer, which contained an article explaining how it was illegal to copy your CDs onto your iPod, and that even though the recording industry … Continue reading

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RIAA makes it up as they go along

As we all know, the RIAA like to make the rules up as they go along with any excuse to treat their best customers as criminals. Now they’ve decided that (even though they declared it was lawful to copy content … Continue reading

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Sony DRM Roundup

This week I received details of a Class Action Settlement against Sony, and urge anyone who can take advantage of it to do so – Sony still claim they did nothing wrong! The email is included below. First of all … Continue reading

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Sony offers class-action settlement

Mark Russinovich, who is helping Scott Kamber bring a class-action suit against Sony for the screw ups around their XCP copy-protection, explains how Sony have filed a proposed settlement. See Sony Settles for the full story.

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Sony’s Thomas Hesse allowed out of his box again

In a recent BBC interview with Sony’s head of global digital business, Thomas Hesse, he states that now "Even if the issue is only a slight one, at Sony BMG we are very clear that any software security issues are … Continue reading

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More Sony DRM Woes

Will it never end? Last week came the news that Sony’s other copy protection software (which already installed software regardless of whether you agreed to the license) had security holes in it. And unsuprisingly the patch they released didn’t resolve … Continue reading

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Sony dribbles

As the Sony story starts to hit more of a back burner some interesting stuff is coming out now; Boing Boing are reporting newsgroup messages from F4i programmers begging for code here and here, including offering cash for code to … Continue reading

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