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New torture method

I can’t believe no one’s ever used it before as my ears are almost bleeding and I’m ready to┬ásay anything, but having a very loud purring kitten by each ear, slightly out of sync with each other is a killer!

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Spitfire & Tanglefoot – Weeks 13 & 14

Dear kittens, You’ve had so meny new experiences these last two weeks and been amazingly calm about the whole thing; I can’t believe my sofas and curtains are still in one piece! The suprises started with your first visit to … Continue reading

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Spitfire & Tanglefoot – Week 12

Dear kittens, Welcome home Spitfire & Tanglefoot. It’s been a torrid week of screaming for your mum, covering the house in loverly smells, meeting new people, and finding the joys of katnip! I’ve learnt a lot about how annoying and … Continue reading

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Christmas Puzzle & Kittens

This year’s Christmas Puzzle (the fifteenth) is now available for download. And I got me some kittens! They seem to have set themselves up in the bathroom looking out over the world for the mo. 

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