ISPs responsible for copyright

What is actually going on behind all the smoke and mirrors of these "new" things the government is trying to force on the country?

One minute they’re "consulting" on the idea, the next we’re told that ISPs must do something to snoop on their customers, or have legislation forced on them, and that this is coming regardless of what anyone says during the consultation.

ID cards suddenly spring back to life with a new spin put on them, but with no change to the idea of storing people’s personal data and biometric information in a system that "only the privileged will be able to access", and we’re told that they are now definately happening regardless of what anyone thinks; last thing I heard nothing concrete had been decided about all of the additional data. A couple of days before, articles about NPfIT data being purposefully made available to trained receptionists just because no one else could be bothered to do an admin job, even tho the government promised that this would not happen, don’t seem to even make it to BBC news.

And then there’s all the other mini stories of the past few months along similar lines, but seemingly unconnected at the time.

What is the government really aiming for with all this?

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5 Responses to ISPs responsible for copyright

  1. Theo says:

    Apologies for the crap writing, but I just wanted to clear my head of a few thoughts on this.
    Feel free to add your own thoughts tho!

  2. sillygloop says:

    Sure looks like they want the lowdown on everything we do on the net regardless of whether they can make some sense from it or not. Have a gr8 weekend!

  3. Theo says: – something that allegedly has had £1 billion spent on it already that hasn\’t had "a formal decision" made about it…

  4. Theo says:

    Looks like we have our answer, and it only took them 6 months to come out and tell us, following the smoke & mirrors before March – – more info from Computer Weekly following the Times\’ article.

  5. Theo says:

    My only thought about the detail that has come out is that it seems less drastic than I was actually imagining. As I understand it, only the endpoints are going to be recorded (i.e. who an email/voip call/website request is between) rather than the actual content of the message?
    It still seems like a huge waste of tax payer\’s money, with minimal return for the security services; but then I guess the whole idea is that this database will be opened up to the whole of local government so that they can keep tracking down "dog foulers" and "litter louts" and allow the odd councillor to spy on whoever they want from the comfort of their office without having to answer to anyone.

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