Sunshine in Eaton Bray

Eaton BrayI’m so glad to have a couple of extra days off this week to enjoy the sunshine. Amazingly I managed to spend a couple of days out in the garden getting things sorted after leaving it all to get a bit overgrown for the past six months or so. Eaton Bray has managed to stay quite sunny all weekend, altho once I’d finished digging, the clouds started coming in making things a tad chillier.

Soooo… Lewis Hamilton strikes again! It is good to see Mclaren back at the top, and to finally have a British driver up front again. Pete has mentioned a fantasy F1 league a coupla times, but I’m still not quite sure what it’s all about; perhaps I’ll get onto that after Bahrain…

Well this was supposed to be a post solely about Eaton Bray, but I guess I wandered off topic a tad there. Who’s for some Catchback?


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