Secret Diary of Michael Schumacher

Oops, I missed a few! So here’s a quick round up of the next three. If you want to read (some* of the) previous entries, see The Secret Diary of Michael Schumacher

Melbourne: It doesn’t seem so long ago that I was talking to you before the grand prix at Monza. Some of you may be remembering that my manager Willi Weber announced I would be telling everyone what I was doing with my career by March 2006 and now we are in April and I am not telling anyone yet… [Read On]

Spain: Hello tifosis. This is getting a bit more interesting now. You will have noticed that things have certainly livened up in the last few weeks. All the expectations of the beginning of the season have been turned on their heads. The man who was expected to be the front-runner this year is now falling away – yes, Valentino Rossi’s name has hardly been mentioned in the last few weeks….[Read On]

Monaco: Hello tifosis. I had a bit of a strange weekend, I can tell you. So far I have not revealed the true reason of what is happening to me in Rascasse on Saturday, but quite honestly and obviously I would like to get it all over my chest….[Read On]

* Planet-F1 in their ultimate wisdom have changed all URLs so that all entries before 41 have vanished from existence… unless of course you happen to have a copy lying around just ripe for republishing…


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