The Observer pushes recording industry propoganda

During a quiet Sunday afternoon rest a couple of weeks ago I flicked through my dad’s Observer, which contained an article explaining how it was illegal to copy your CDs onto your iPod, and that even though the recording industry hadn’t sued anyone yet, doesn’t mean it couldn’t.

Unfortunately I haven’t had the time yet to write a strongly worded letter with a nice big heading of Fair Use, to the law firm (Wiggin) who gave the details for the article, or the editor, for their blantant pushing of the recording industry’s propoganda.

However much the recording industry tries to bully people into believing they have to buy music in every single format they need it in rather than just the once, it still won’t make it true.

As long as you purchase a CD legally, you then have a license for fair use in whatever format you choose to listen in.

Read the full article.

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