Woo another bank holiday!

So what is the world up to today then? And what has happened to time going into super speed mode over the past 3 months?

Admitedly that’s mostly down to getting the latest release of our software out the door, which finally happened last week! Major Celebrations!!

On top of that I’ve somehow managed to get a few new bits together for the Eaton Bray site, including at least the basics for the Village Hall site plus finally twigging that I need to start getting interactive stuff up there. Hopefully in the not too distant future I can actually get the long awaited Events Diary and maybe even a forum if I’m feeling particularly energetic!

So now all that’s left to do before next bank holiday is get hold of some corks to finally bottle up my very tasty (if a little sweet!) elderberry wine which has been fermenting away in the airing cupboard and cuddled up to by the kittens for the past few months.

Ah, and probably get my arse into gear on moving away from spaces and back into my own little world of theogray.com once we get our new jet powered web server setup and in place… and getting the new kitten pics up online… and getting on with decorating the house… and trying to get more stuff unpacked before I suddenly realise I’ve been here a whole year already and am still surrounded by boxes… raaaaah…

Happy May Day Everybody!


About Theo Gray

MCP, Web Designer/Developer and Musician (when spare time allows)
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