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Entertaining Times

It appears my horn bloke, has been raised one ‘Amazing Juggling Finale’. All that I currently have left in my hand is this interactive mosaic that allows you to endlessly drill down into each image to see all the images … Continue reading

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Sweet Child of Madness

Independent DJ Alex H ( has released a Sweet Child of Madness mix, featuring the following tracks: ** Sweet Child of Mine – Guns and Roses** House of Fun – Madness** Driving in my Car – Madness** Baggy Trousers – … Continue reading

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The Observer pushes recording industry propoganda

During a quiet Sunday afternoon rest a couple of weeks ago I flicked through my dad’s Observer, which contained an article explaining how it was illegal to copy your CDs onto your iPod, and that even though the recording industry … Continue reading

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RIAA makes it up as they go along

As we all know, the RIAA like to make the rules up as they go along with any excuse to treat their best customers as criminals. Now they’ve decided that (even though they declared it was lawful to copy content … Continue reading

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French guy with the horn

Comedy French guy covered in honk-honk horns and using them to play a classical medley (with Popcorn thrown in for good measure!). Take a look!

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Dive Aid – Dahab

Dive Aid will be going live again to raise money for Dahab very soon so keep an eye out for how you can help. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find out much from the BBC coverage on the day, but … Continue reading

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Woo another bank holiday!

So what is the world up to today then? And what has happened to time going into super speed mode over the past 3 months? Admitedly that’s mostly down to getting the latest release of our software out the door, … Continue reading

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