Fog light etiquette

After a horendous journey over to Luton and back in tonight’s rush hour, I have to have this rant cos it’s gone on long enough people and on top of all the other crap driving that was around, this pissed me off to the max!

Why did I have to follow five different IDIOTS tonight with their rear fog lights blinding me the whole way home? And you know how when you come across one of these Idiots normally you flash em a few times and they realise how annoying they are? Well tonight nothing was working. The air was clear of even a hint of fog as far as I could tell and yet there they were blinding traffic behind them without a care in the world.

Rear fog lights should ONLY be used when there is low visibility*, and then they should be switched OFF as soon as the problem clears.

And that’s it! Rear fog lights should never EVER be used at any other time. Do these same people leave their beam on the whole time? I think not!

All rear fog lights are doing is stopping people behind who can’t see you crashing into you, so if you can see someone coming up 50′ behind you and there’s reasonable visibility, there’s a very good chance that all your doing is blinding the poor bugger, which I’d suggest is dangerous driving on the part of the Idiot.

* and by low, I don’t mean standard fog where you can still see ¼ mile ahead!


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