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Fiddling to the max

OK, well having not really had much joy with getting up the rankings after wasting it in its early life, I’ve gone and done the stupid thing and completely changed the domain name. Everything on the Eaton Bray website … Continue reading

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New torture method

I can’t believe no one’s ever used it before as my ears are almost bleeding and I’m ready to say anything, but having a very loud purring kitten by each ear, slightly out of sync with each other is a killer!

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Finding out the hard way

Back in October 2004 I decided to register with the intention of creating a useful village website for Eaton Bray. Stupidly though, I then never got round to doing anything more than putting 5 links on it – way … Continue reading

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The Slanket

Ever curled up on the sofa in your regular blanket and realised you’d need to freeze your upper body just to reach the remote (obviously not a problem for paj in the lovely warm place, but for the rest of … Continue reading

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ShiningComing this fall, Jack Nicholson and Shelley Duvall star in a heartwarming story about a family’s journey of self-discovery. See it again and again. [Yeh, yeh, it’s over a year old, but still made me smile when I found it … Continue reading

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Sony offers class-action settlement

Mark Russinovich, who is helping Scott Kamber bring a class-action suit against Sony for the screw ups around their XCP copy-protection, explains how Sony have filed a proposed settlement. See Sony Settles for the full story.

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Spitfire & Tanglefoot – Weeks 13 & 14

Dear kittens, You’ve had so meny new experiences these last two weeks and been amazingly calm about the whole thing; I can’t believe my sofas and curtains are still in one piece! The suprises started with your first visit to … Continue reading

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Wanadoo broadband for £14.99?

I’m suprised it’s taking the larger companies so long to drop their prices, but I was intrigued again to see one of them offering a £14.99 package. This time it was Wanadoo, who have matched Force 9‘s offering in terms … Continue reading

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