Spitfire & Tanglefoot – Week 12

Dear kittens,

Spitfire & TanglefootWelcome home Spitfire & Tanglefoot. It’s been a torrid week of screaming for your mum, covering the house in loverly smells, meeting new people, and finding the joys of katnip!

I’ve learnt a lot about how annoying and also how cute & great you can be, from keeping me awake every night to suddenly purring madly and wanting a cudle, and now after a saucer of milk, crazily washing each other and looking very cute.

You came to live with me last Sunday evening and spent the next 24 hours hissing at me and screaming out of every window and from every high point you could find to work out where your mum was.

Spitfire & TanglefootBy Wednesday you were happy to be around me (as long as there was something to hide/sleep under) and I thought things were going really well. Until Spitfire got spooked the next morning, and found an excellent hidey hole that was perfect to shout and hiss from, and meant I had to take half the kitchen apart to make sure you were just throwing a hissy fit and hadn’t actually been crushed under all the pots & pans that had managed to find their way through the solid walls of cupboards to fall on top of you.

Thursday & Friday brought new visitors to say hello and be hissed at unless they played with you for hours, in which case you were willing to forgive them. So by Friday night, when you’d definately worked out what the litter tray was for, and the smells were starting to only come from the one place I thought I’d leave my bedroom door open; all going well so far!

Spitfire & TanglefootSlight problem Saturday night when Spitfire pissed all over my duvet at 1am… gits… little annoying furballs from hell… never again will you darken my bedroom doorstep. When I’d finally figured out that the duvet was too big for the washing machine and that I’d have to soak it in the bath you’d found somewhere nice and comfy to sleep off the joys of emptying a very full bladder all over the big guy that gives you tasty food & katnip every day.

So Sunday morning needed a fresh start with a very bleary eyed me wandering downstairs and deciding that as you were purring I’d forgive everything and let you eat again; closely followed by more katnip playtime and even the wonders of a saucer of milk that have turned you into the cutest furballs in the world!

— theo


About Theo Gray

MCP, Web Designer/Developer and Musician (when spare time allows)
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1 Response to Spitfire & Tanglefoot – Week 12

  1. sillygloop says:

    Hi Theo,Always a joy to have such welcome company after a hard day\’s work. They are really cute too!Have fun!Vijay

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