Sony’s Thomas Hesse allowed out of his box again

In a recent BBC interview with Sony’s head of global digital business, Thomas Hesse, he states that now "Even if the issue is only a slight one, at Sony BMG we are very clear that any software security issues are taken with the utmost seriousness".

This is a very different story to his amazing comment back at the beginning of november that "Most people don’t even know what a rootkit is, so why should they care about it", having already ignored the problem for over a month. Obviously "utmost seriousness" does not include stopping the source of the problem in the SunnComm case by recalling the dodgy CDs.

It’s good to see that they have at least noticed that they screwed up and that they are going to "diligently re-evaluate" how they protect music on CDs (which I guess must mean it’s hit their bottom line). But from the quotes and comments in the article, it’s obvious Sony are un-repentant about treating everyone as a criminal; instead of apologising for causing such big problems for paying customers, he just says "The key point to remember is that copyright infringement is a huge issue".

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