More Sony DRM Woes

Will it never end?

Last week came the news that Sony’s other copy protection software (which already installed software regardless of whether you agreed to the license) had security holes in it. And unsuprisingly the patch they released didn’t resolve the problem. And unsuprisingly they are currently still selling CDs with the buggy software on.

Alex Halderman has more info on the patches from Sony and is looking at how well the uninstaller works too. See MediaMax Bug Found; Patch Issued; Patch Suffers from Same Bug for the full details.

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2 Responses to More Sony DRM Woes

  1. Unknown says:

    Dahab is so Romantic city

  2. Theo says:

    Thanks for dropping by Sameh. Dahab is a wonderful place and full of great people; I just hope it doesn\’t get spoilt by too much development.

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