Sony dribbles

As the Sony story starts to hit more of a back burner some interesting stuff is coming out now;

  • Boing Boing are reporting newsgroup messages from F4i programmers begging for code here and here, including offering cash for code to save F4i the legwork of figuring things out properly.
  • More from Alex Halderman on the SunnComm installer that installs software before the license agreement suggesting that if you say no to the license, the next time you put the CD in, even more software is installed.
  • And more detail on where F-Secure fit in to all this explaining how they reported the rootkit problem to Sony and F4i a whole month before the situation blew up in their faces.

Update: Mark Russinovich’s latest blog entry – Premature Victory Declaration? – discusses things a bit more, including the pending lawsuits. (plus a FoxTrot comic to make you smile)

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