Sony finally notify customers about XCP uninstaller bugs

Almost two weeks after Matti Nikki found security holes in the XCP rootkit uninstaller, Sony have got round to sending out emails to warn people about the problem. Having forced paying customers to jump through hoops to get to the uninstaller, at least Sony do have some contact information to warn people about this problem.

The way they suggest to remove the uninstaller is:

  1. Using Windows Explorer, go to %SystemRoot%\Downloaded Program Files\
  2. Locate CodeSupport
  3. Right click on the file and select Remove from the pop-up window
  4. The file is now removed from you computer system

The email goes on to say: "We are in the process of providing an updated version of the uninstaller program for the XCP content protection software". So basically, 10 days after acknowledging the problem on their website, they still haven’t got round to providing a new uninstaller.

It just goes to show how concerned they really are about the security of their customer’s computers. But of course, anyone who wants to buy a CD from Sony must be criminal anyway, so why would they be bothered about sorting the mess out.


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