EMI copy-protection / Gorillaz

Gorillaz: Demon DaysFollowing my problems with EMI’s copy-protection on KT Tunstall’s ‘Eye to the Telescope’ (resolved by phoning EMI and requesting a non-copy-protected version), I got round to trying to rip Gorillaz, Demon Days expecting to have the same problems.

Amazingly, WMP ripped it without any trouble at all. The Gorillaz CD has the same copy-protect logo as KT Tunstall and yet the software on it does nothing. So have there already been a number of versions of EMI’s CD format this year, or is it just not very effective?


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1 Response to EMI copy-protection / Gorillaz

  1. sillygloop says:

    Inconsistent bugs? That\’s a new one :)Vijay

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