Secret Diary of Michael Schumacher

Well it’s been a while, but Planet-F1 have finally posted another installment from the Secret Diary of Michael Schumacher.

So here is part 47, including such comedy quotes as:

"It is funny that Jenson Button is getting so many sticks for saying that women drivers would be getting their dumplings in the way of driving and would not be able to race for one weekend a month because of their bad temper. That to me sounds like Juan Montoya; he is so often in the bad temper.

"It is most surprising to see so many people giving Jenson a hard time for his comments… I think it is because Jenson is young and rich and ginger and people do not like that."  and

"ITV (the people who think it is worth paying money to Ted Kravitz to say stuff like "good race Michael?" with a stupid grin all over his face when I have buried the car in the barriers)"

Best read with the rest of this installment, and if you haven’t read any of the rest of it, have a look back through past installments of the Secret Diary of Michael Schumacher.


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