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Sony dribbles

As the Sony story starts to hit more of a back burner some interesting stuff is coming out now; Boing Boing are reporting newsgroup messages from F4i programmers begging for code here and here, including offering cash for code to … Continue reading

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Christmas Lights Madness

I know Americans love lights on their house around Christmas, but this is much more fun! See Christmas Lights Gone Wild… The Video!, with this forum thread for more info.

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Sony finally notify customers about XCP uninstaller bugs

Almost two weeks after Matti Nikki found security holes in the XCP rootkit uninstaller, Sony have got round to sending out emails to warn people about the problem. Having forced paying customers to jump through hoops to get to the … Continue reading

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Sony’s falling CD sales

Business Week reports that "along with lawyers, prosecutors, and furious fans, artists are joining the backlash against the label for slipping a hidden, anti-theft program into users’ computers". Having kept an eye on Van Zant’s sales rank on Amazon, they … Continue reading

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X Factor & The Conway Sisters

Never thought I’d write about the X Factor, but I can’t believe how much crap has been thrown up since last week’s decision, so thought I’d add some more… I didn’t think it would ever happen, but I actually had … Continue reading

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Sony DRM/SunnComm – Security Hole in Uninstaller

Well it won’t suprise anyone to learn that Sony’s "other" copy-protection provider SunnComm isn’t bothered about providing secure software either. In this case at least it’s only the uninstaller and not the main program that causes the problems; altho the main … Continue reading

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Tired of Speeding Tickets?

Want to open up spaces between you and the cars around you? Step 1:  Tie these balloons to your car Step 2:  Drive VERY FAST Step 3:  Watch people freak out. Step 4:  Tell the nice officer you thought they were real.   [I … Continue reading

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