VINCI Park are gone!!

VINCI Park, the company which managed the carparking in Milton Keynes for eight years, has lost its contract with the city council.

Great news, I am very happy about this, cos the folks over at VINCI Park are useless and arrogant. When you have a valid complaint they completely ignore it, and think they’re above the law in following what the parking legislation says they have to do.

NCP are taking over, so we’ll have to see if they’re any better, but at least this bunch of cowboys are outa there!


About Theo Gray

MCP, Web Designer/Developer and Musician (when spare time allows)
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3 Responses to VINCI Park are gone!!

  1. Lucy says:

    thanks for leaving a comment. no i didnt like opera either until I heard Katherine Jenkins sing. Lucy x

  2. Wesley says:

    I\’m guessing you live in MK, if that\’s the case, consider yourself linked.:o)

  3. Theo says:

    Yeh, close enough to have been done by VINCI. Cheers for the link!

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