The demise of “classical” music?

My musical tastes can seem pretty random, with albums from Madness & Squeeze, through Chumbawumba & Macy Gray, Pink Floyd, Bond, Black Grape, and on to Vangelis, Mike Oldfield & Bob Rivers, which all get listened to depending on my mood, along with many many others.

Bond - ShineAmong all this, I find "classical" music the easiest to work to, from Yo Yo Ma playing Elgar to albums by Bond & Vanessa Mae, so up until now I didn’t quite get why the record companies trying to sell classical music were getting so worried that fewer people were buying their music.

Some of the arguments do make sense, among others the fact that there’s only so many versions of an Elgar cello concerto that one person will buy. And I guess that’s why the like’s of Bond were so loved by the record companies in that they were creating new music; unfortunately I haven’t heard anything in the way of new music from any of these style of composers & artists in the past couple of years which is dissapointing. Instead, like with a lot of music these days, the themes are just being remixed into a slightly different versions.

Another thought is that perhaps there’s something in the back of people’s minds that stops them buying classical music, and sometimes stops them listening to it, but they’re not sure why, if they’ve even thought about it.

Last weekend I played the organ at a church service, and ended up getting a bit stressed for a few days beforehand because it’s not something I’ve ever done before. Strangely enough since then, I have felt uncomfortable listening to classical music with mini-flashbacks to the stress. Hopefully that will change within the next few weeks, but it got me wondering whether for some people this uncomfortable feeling could be longer lasting.

Many of my friends at school learned to play an instrument, and many of those also played in bands and orchestras, but for those of us who aren’t so confident as performers, perhaps the stress of going out there and playing for an audience did actually get to us over time?


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