Popcorn to Moog By

Music to Moog ByListening to: Gershon Kingsley, Music to Moog By

Finding this gets chalked up to the crazy frog doing a version of Popcorn recently. To me, Popcorn (as done by Hot Butter) is the classic theme to the BBC game ‘Pengo‘ which got me hunting around to see if I could find a copy of the tune somewhere to download.

I soon came across popcorn-song.com which lists every version of Popcorn ever done with a sampler for most of them; luckily that educated me to the original by Gershon Kingsley and led me to Music to Moog By.

Excellent album; loving it all from covers of Scarborough Fair and Paperback Writer, to Kingley’s versions of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and of course, Popcorn!

Having looked around Kingley’s website, it would be great to get hold of a copy of some of his work with the Boston Pops, but having hunted around Amazon, many other online stores, and various search engines I’m still no closer to finding anything. Anyone have any ideas?

Perhaps crazy frog’ll release a version of the Frak! music sometime too!


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MCP, Web Designer/Developer and Musician (when spare time allows)
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