BT Broadband Basic Review – Update 2

Following on from my original Review of BT Broadband Basic, and my update in May, BT have seen the error of their ways and begun to allow users to send and receive email via Outlook Express or their email client of choice as part of their Broadband Basic package.

In addition they have given you the ability to use your own From address if you already have an email account; this still isn’t as simple to set up as other ISPs as you do need to authenticate with their SMTP mail server using a BT Yahoo! email account, but it’s much better than it was.

So if you’re stuck with the BT Broadband Basic package, at least you’ll be able to use it for the basics, but it’s still worth looking into moving as soon as your 12 months are up, to both save money, and get yourself a less restrictive setup – Force 9 are currently charging £14.99 for exactly the same limits (i.e. 2MB bandwidth and 1GB per month usage) as the BT Broadband Basic £17.99 package.


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