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Secret Diary of Michael Schumacher

Planet F1 nearly caught me off guard then with a new installment of the Secret Diary of Michael Schumacher just a couple of weeks after the last one. So here goes with part 46: In this, his secret diary, Planet-F1 … Continue reading

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The Party Party

How do you fancy tunes with political babbling? Go try out The Party Party… particularly liked Imagine… [via]

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Popcorn to Moog By

Listening to: Gershon Kingsley, Music to Moog By… Finding this gets chalked up to the crazy frog doing a version of Popcorn recently. To me, Popcorn (as done by Hot Butter) is the classic theme to the BBC game ‘Pengo‘ … Continue reading

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20 Things Not To Say To A Police Officer…

In at 14… "Bad cop. No donut." [Link]   Update: Seems like that link is hiding away from the public now, but here’s a selection, with a new fave in at #18… 4. Didn’t I see your butt get kicked on "COPS"? … Continue reading

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Finally some photos…

OK, so I’ve been putting it off for long enough; photos now added from VW Action 2002, Dahab 2004 and Sharm El Sheikh 2004.       

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BT Broadband Basic Review – Update 2

Following on from my original Review of BT Broadband Basic, and my update in May, BT have seen the error of their ways and begun to allow users to send and receive email via Outlook Express or their email client … Continue reading

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