Madness Lyrics back…

I’ve finally got round to pulling in my old Madness content from my previous site, mainly because my old ISP has finally decided to can the free FrontPage accounts it used to allow. Maybe I’ll get round to updating it and adding more info and pictures one day (it’s only taken me 18 months to get this much done!)

It’s a bit scary looking back through content that I started putting together almost 10 years ago, but that which is still relevant is now up on Theo Gray .com, including a few lyrics and details about the Nutty Dread album.

The main bit that I’ve dumped is the Links page, as my long list of Madness fan sites now contains about 5 that still work. The simplest way to find out more about Madness is to go along to the official Madness website.

One thing I do remember about 10 years ago is when my email signature used to have "Madness is all in the mind" as a quote until my boss got a complaint from a customer that didn’t understand why I had included that at the bottom of a work email… ho hum!


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