Whatever happened to The Original Gents?

Does anyone out there know what happened to The Original Gents? After a lot of hunting I managed to find a bit about them on Peoplesound; it’s always fun to hear a rousing rendition of “Uncle Rubbish Thinks He’s A Turnip” and “Standing With A Gimp And Smiling“, to bring back some comedy memories, but it’d also be great to know whether they’re still playing around the area at all, or if they’ve just moved on to other things…

If you’ve never heard of the band, go take a quick peek at The Original Gents [link removed as Peoplesound appears to be no longer running] page on Peoplesound. The songs are best played when accompanied by alcohol and general merriment!


About Theo Gray

MCP, Web Designer/Developer and Musician (when spare time allows)
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1 Response to Whatever happened to The Original Gents?

  1. chris baron says:

    I used to work with steve the lead singer, but I lost contact with him years ago. his songs were great. Hope he’s still playing music.

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