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Dive Aid – Khao Lak Tragedy

Dive Aid is quickly getting updated; Keith Angles has now sent through details of his experiences. See "Khao Lak Tragedy – What We Went Through" for the full story. Advertisements

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Dive Aid

Dive Aid is now up and running. Dive Aid has been setup following the recent devastating earthquake and Tsunami to help diving instructors and Divemasters in Thailand. For more information, please see the Dive Aid website.

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In search of a Frak! MIDI

I’m looking for a MIDI version of the Frak! theme from that great old beeb game. Anyone know where I could get a hold of it?

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Making Adobe Reader Load Faster

Great post by Jonathan Hardwick: How to make Adobe Reader 7.0 load faster. Having lived with v6 for the last year, installing v7 and using these tips, it just appears; immediately; even after a reboot! A Happy Christmas to one & all.

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Charity Christmas Puzzle 2004 – A knight-errant

It’s time for this year’s Charity Christmas Puzzle. The Puzzle, which has a theme designed to help completion, will appeal to people who enjoy Crossword puzzles (though it is not a crossword puzzle). Puzzlers have plenty of time to find … Continue reading

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Pub Landlord

Just seen Al Murray’s latest… great comedy! Originally saw him live in Southampton nine years ago; he was a class act then, and he just gets better!

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Gym related comedy

I know it’s been around for a month or so by now, but had this emailed to me this morning … Running Machine @ JengaJam … made me laugh anyways :-]

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